Thanks again for visiting my website and showing an interest in my story! Strangely my passion and curiosity for Oxford has never stopped growing, even so I’ve been leaving in Oxfordshire for the last 7 years.

Misty mornings, lamp posts like out of Narnia, buildings full of books and endless pinnacles make this place truly incredible. Even the cobbled streets, which I probably have walked back and forth around hundred times, still bring the same thrill and excitement.

Back in high school Oxford felt like a distant dream, a sort of neverland I surrounded myself with hopelessly wishing one day my eyes could see it for themselves. Even so now this dream has come true, I can’t shake off the never ending need to get to know Oxford better.

So here it is – Discover Oxfordshire – something for everyone to enjoy, whether like myself you are dreaming about visiting this part of the world or you got your tickets and you’re on your way to the city of dreaming spires, I hope amongst these web pages you’ll be able to find or see something new you’ve not heard before.


I was born in in one of the oldest and most remarkable towns in Poland called Cieszyn, which originates from phrase “cieszym się” meaning “we’re happy”.

This picturesque little place, whichever season you choose to visit; is surrounded by the Silesian Beskid mountains and meets the border of Czech Republic.

The town is also sometimes called Little Vienna as it combines both Polish and Old–Austrian peculiarities in the style of its buildings. Personally I like the most its narrow, atmospheric cobbled streets with houses showing various architecture styles – from baroque to modern.

Another close place to my heart is Kraków where I studied Journalism at the Jagiellonian University, the oldest university in Poland and the second oldest university in Central Europe.

It’s here where my passion for photography was born and developed. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the historic centre of Kraków attracts 10 million tourists from all over the world each year. It’s one of those places you simply must visit where you can enjoy Europe’s largest medieval market square packed with countless stunning buildings and a vast array of quirky cafés and restaurants.

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I am an experienced digital marketing manager with a strong background in social media and content.

Having worked in agencies I have gained experience working with a range of businesses, from SMEs such as Woodhouse to large companies such as Nationwide Building Society. I have also had the privilege to work with a number of different charities, including The SMA Trust, The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, and Special Effect, helping them with their social media, content, and digital marketing strategies.


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Social media
Content marketing
Web analytics
Email marketing – use of JangoMail, DotMailer, Adestra, and MailChimp


I’ve worked on some indelible projects, learn more about their achievements. 

Content strategy I developed for Woodhouse (a designer of street furniture, lighting, and signage) was recognised by Social Buzz Awards leading to an award in ‘Best Blog’ 2014 nomination, in which we were competing with MTV, Paddy Power, The Children’s Society and other big brands.

The ‘A to Z of Instagram’ campaign I helped develop for mark-making*, one of the first community generated mobile photography exhibitions in the UK, was recognised by the West Oxfordshire Business Awards and Oxfordshire Business Awards, bringing in two trophies in 2013.

My passion for social media and photography was also discovered by Instagram, who in 2014 selected my account and promoted my profile to its users worldwide. Thanks to this I’m now being involved in Instagram’s own campaigns and I serve as inspiration to my 38,700 followers.


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