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Things To See in Oxford

Uncover history of Oxford, once the capital of England.

Oxford, one of the most stunning cities in UK, attracts millions of tourists from across the globe who every year travel here to explore its distinguished history. The unchanging beauty of this city, which dates back to Saxon times, dominates every corner of its surroundings. It’s not just the University and College buildings which are going to leave you in awe, the 5 world class museums (all free), honey-coloured buildings, cobbled lanes and Gothic spires make a lasting impression you’ll never be able to forget.

Step back in time and follow the footsteps of many royalties, distinguished academics and famous writers such as JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and Oscar Wilde as you tour with me around this most unforgettable city.


Oxford University Colleges

Walking through the gates
of the Oxford University Colleges
is a walk through history.

It is absolutely deceptive what lies beyond the aged walls and weary gates of the Oxford University Colleges – it is a different world of great architectural splendour and atmosphere of centuries that no modern college can replicate.

Entering through the historic wooden doors it’s like stepping back in time where you can discover and imagine the life of those who have lived and studied here long time before you.

Architecture & Landscape


You’ll never be short of something
to do and see in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds.

Whether you are looking for England’s finest views, quirky properties and gardens full of heritage tales, they are here for you to explore!

The Oxfordshire Cotswolds is home to some of the most distinctive and attractive properties and landmarks in Britain. Renowned for their beauty, rolling hills, villages of honey coloured stone, they are ideal locations for exploring some of the oldest and most fascinating places in the country.

Photo by Malc Smith.

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